Aliaxin SR 2x1ml


Aliaxin SR 2x1ml

The characteristics of the hyaluronic acid gel present in this formulation 
characterize its use in the treatments whose main goal is the recovery of the harmonic balance of the face. It is therefore ideal for dermal remodeling, where keywords are contours, contours and symmetries.

Its fluidity allows a homogeneous diffusion in the tissue, for a 
therapeutic approach to entire areas of the face.

The aesthetic result derives from the synergistic action of lifting the 
cutaneous depression of the gel, with the ability to stimulate and activate the 
biorestructuring processes with the production of new collagen, thus giving the 
result greater stability and durability over time.

Moreover, the simultaneous presence of free hyaluronic acid enhances the 
regenerative effect , through a prolonged increase in deep hydration, 
giving the skin an even more natural and polished appearance.

Treatment of the third middle and lower third areas of the face. Aliaxin SR 2x1ml can also be used to restore localized volumes and touch-ups.
  • Three-dimensional dermal remodeling 
    (volumetric redistribution and facial symmetries)
  • Increased tone, turgidity as well as elasticity of the skin



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