Apriline Forte 1x1ml


Apriline Forte 1x1ml

Apriline Forte 1x1ml is great for face contouring and volume reproduction. It improves skin elasticity and firmness.

The Apriline HA acid crosslinking process – best carried out using a patented single-phase technology, in neutral pH, without the use of additional reagents or catalysts. Thanks to this, the Apriline filler line is extremely chemically and biologically clean, and therefore very safe for the patient, not only immediately after administration, but also in the long term after the procedure.

In addition, the exceptional acidity has a significant effect on the duration of Apriline products in the tissue. The appropriate content of neutral polymers guarantees optimal physical and chemical properties of the Apriline series. The administration of Apriline acid is not only effective, but above all safe for the patient.

Finally, Apriline is a purely practical, reliable and intelligent product of the highest quality


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