Apriline Hydro 1x1ml


Apriline Hydro 1x1ml

Apriline Hydro 1x1ml is HA acid slightly cross-linked with glycerin. Thus, indications include moisturizing, improving skin tone and elasticity.

Designed for the face, neck, cleavage and hands, arms and back.

Also recommended that 3 to 5 treatments every 3/4 weeks.

The product guarantees an immediate effect, leaving the skin radiant and also rejuvenated.

Moreover, Apriline is a pure practical, reliable and intelligent product of the highest quality.

– Reduced skin turgor.
– Dehydrated skin.
– Small wrinkled type of ageing.
– The first stage of the correction of dermal wrinkles of various etiologies.
– Superficial wrinkles due to dehydration of the skin.
– Preparation and rehabilitation of the skin during mid as well as deep peelings.
– Also normalization of scarring in cases of post-acne, after chickenpox, after injuries, stretch marks.
– Preparation for insolation and skin restoration after intensive insolation.

Depth of administration:
Superficial as well as middle layers of the dermis.
In addition, it is composed of Hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin 18 mg / ml, glycerin 20 mg / ml.


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