Aquashine BR 2 ml


Aquashine BR 2 ml

Revitalization and brightening

This is a unique product for deep mesotherapy, thus recommended in skin revitalization therapies and anti-discoloration therapies. It also aligns the skin tone, moisturizes and brightens discolorations after the first treatment. The product includes: active peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids as well as nucleic acids.

Aquashine BR 2 ml Composition:

1. Uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, fully biodegradable at a concentration of 1.5%

2. Peptide complex:

  • CG-TGP2 (Oligopeptide-34)
  • CG-Seperin (Oligopeptide-72)
  • CG-Purilux (Oligopeptide-51)
  • CG-Flatin (Oligopeptide-23)

3. Also a Nourishing complex: 14 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 8 minerals and coenzymes, 5 nucleic acids

Advantages of  Aquashine BR:

  • Reduces skin discoloration, age spots as well as freckles, reduces the process of melanin synthesis
  • prevents the process of excessive hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces wrinkles and also improves skin elasticity by creating new skin cells
  • Also revitalizes tired and dry skin, maximizing cell proliferation
  • pure hyaluronic acid nourishes as well as hydrates the skin


  • hydration
  • illuminating / brightening discolorations
  • also improvement of flexibility
  • shallow wrinkles


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