Dermafill Lips 1x1ml


Dermafill Lips 1x1ml

Dermafill Lips 1x1ml is a biodegradable plastic preparation of non-animal origin based on purified hyaluronic acid.

  • The line of drugs is based on the patented technology TIME-X, which ensures the purity of the product, the duration of the result, as well as increased resistance to hyaluronidase.
  •  They are harmoniously integrated into the skin tissue, rejuvenating both it and reviving natural metabolic processes in it.
  • So the minimum content of BDDE is 4 times less than the permissible norms of CE and FDA.
  •  The minimum endotoxin content is 10 times less than the acceptable CE and FDA standards.
  •  Does not leave harmful by-products.

Depth of injection: medium to deep dermis


  • Purified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.
  •  Concentration: 25mg / ml
  •  Connectivity: ++++ (BDDE 14%)
  •  Molecular Weight 2.5 – 3 Mda
  •  Dynamic viscosity: 1 / sec – 741 mPa.s
  •  Osmotic pressure: 314 mOsmol / kg
  •  BDDE: 0.4 ppm
  •  Endotoxins: <0.05 EU / g
  •  pH: 7.1


  • Volume, contour as welll as lip modeling
  •  Acne wrinkles
  •  Filtrum Columns
  •  Cupid’s Arch
  •  Puppet wrinkles


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