Dermalax Deep Plus 1.1ml


Dermalax Deep Plus 1.1ml

A filler based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, of non-animal origin, which has undergone the highest degree of purification, achieved due to a long time of cross-linking at low temperature. Constant ejection force provides a smooth introduction of the drug.

Dermalax Deep plus has many features: smoothes medium-deep wrinkles, corrects the shape and volume of the lips. It is suitable for restoring the shape of eyebrows, transform sunken cheeks and lip-chin crease, improve the middle part of the face. In the presence of lidocaine.

The basis of the fillers is biosynthesized, stabilized hyaluronic acid of the highest degree of purification, in which there are no residual traces of the stabilizing agent BDDA or animal proteins, as well as other impurities that can provoke allergic reactions in patients.

Dermalax Deep Plus Composition:

Hyaluronic acid: 24 mg / ml
Lidocaine: 3 mg / ml
Injection depth: Deep and / or middle layers of the dermis.
Needle size: 27G
Volume: 1.1 ml

Also used to correct medium-deep wrinkles, lip contour and volume.


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