Durolane 60mg/3ml


Durolane 60mg/3ml

A clear, thick and flexible gel made from a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid, which is the body’s own joint lubricant.

Durolane 60mg/3ml also helps osteoarthritis patients relieve their pain and other symptoms. Osteoarthritis (OA) occurs when the cartilage in the knee, hip, or other joints breaks down. Thus reducing the joint’s cushion as well as allowing the bones to rub together painfully.

After taking the Durolane injection, some patients may experience immediate relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms. But for others, it may take longer. Also this product is meant for a single injection. This one injection can last for up to about six months.

Some benefits of Durolane to OA victims include:

    • It rightly treats the affected joint
    • Treatment can also be repeatable as required by your physician
    • May help to avoid or delay hip or knee replacement surgery
    • It’s a potential long-term freedom from osteoarthritis pain



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