Filorga Age Peel 20ml + 5 towels


Filorga Age Peel 20ml + 5 towels

Stretches the surface of the skin, giving skin a glow and also softness. However combines peeling and mesotherapy effects.

1. Pre-Peel Towels

  • soften as well as squeeze wrinkles while fading pigmentation
  • Papaya enzymes naturally and also softly peels the skin.

2. Sheathing mask 

  • 6 fatty acids (including glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid) rejuvenating cells
  • Smoothes the skin tone.

3. Relaxing treatment

  • brown algae
  • rhamnose and sugar compounds calm and  moisturize
  • Matrikin peptides and also Hyaluronic acid combination NCTF® & tightens the skin.


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