Filorga Pigment White 50ml


Filorga Pigment White 50ml

This multi-action treatment restores 360 ° skin uniformity to reveal a luminous and also pure complexion.

– Stain correction [immediate + powerful + durable]:
Minerals act to immediately fade stains, while hexylresorcinol, powerful brightener, deeply corrects them and a polyphenol antioxidant acts to prevent their reappearance.

– Uniformity color-control [anti-yellow + anti-gray + anti-red]: 
An anti-glycation peptide acts to reduce the complexion while exfoliating gluconolactone is sobering and vitamin B3 with soothing power helps reduce redness.

– Revealing light [smoothing + moisturizing + revitalization]: Smoothing vitamin C combined with a moisturizing polysaccharide and NCTF wakes up the radiance of the skin.

As the applications progress, the spots turns to reduce, the complexion is unified, the skin regains its radiance. Buy Filorga Pigment White 50ml


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