Filorga Sleep Recover 50ml


Filorga Sleep Recover 50ml

This unique skin care helps to restore your skin during sleep.
– Active ingredient, derived of the silk tree combined with decongestant horse chestnut extract. Thus helps to reduce the fatigue symptoms around the eyes.
– The combination of hyaluronic acid and the new generation molecule helps to restore the vitality of the skin and reduce the appearance of lines, so that an anti-ageing effect can be seen.

The NCTF formula stimulates the production of skin-supporting fibers, stimulates the skin and helps to reduce fatigue symptoms.
Immediately after waking, signs of fatigue reduces, and the moist and firm skin acquires a sensation of freedom and comfort.
When you apply it regularly, the skin tightens and reconstructs, the facial expressions are formed, the appearance of the lines with fatigue lines decreases and the skin gains resistance.

Apply to perfectly cleansed skin. Gently massage your skin.

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