Glutax 100GS Inferno Essential Skin Whitening


Glutax 100GS Inferno Essential Skin Whitening

Has proven to be very effectual for highly reducing signs of ageing and works excellently with a dull complexion too and helps to make it fair. It eliminates the effect of uneven skin tone, wrinkles and doesn’t hurt your sensitive skin. Also helps brighten your skin and provides a healthy glow intently without having any side effects. It leaves the skin smoother and firmer than ever. Other than improving the skin tone, it is also helpful to detoxifying the liver, blood with other organs too. Glutax 100GS Inferno Essential Skin Whitening helps boost the immune system and hormone balance.

Components Used:

Glutathione Essential Extracts 100G
Pro-Vitamin B5 750mg
Vitamin E 500mg
Collagen Ascorbic Supreme 2000mg
Pro-Vitamin B3 500mg
Selenium 0.25mcg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 500mg
Epidermal Growth factor 500mg

One set of powder and solvent every week for 1 month or you can continue, it depends on your body, thus can adjust the injection dosage.

Not Appropriate For:

Breast feeders
Not proper in menstrual cycles
If having any allergy due to vitamins
If anyone having cardiovascular


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