Glutax 5000GF Micro 5000 Forte


Glutax 5000GF Micro 5000 Forte

The component of glutathione concentration for 5000GF with 5000 forte is high-sensitivity glutathione, white in a fast time because it can increase the performance spectrum to be 10 times faster with other molecular drugs.

GLUTAX 5000GF Micro 5000 Forte made in Italy with 4 sets of contents for four treatments, namely: 4 ampoules 5ml, 4 ampoules 2ml, 4 10ml vials, 4 7ml vials, 4 7ml vials.

The composition of Glutax 5000GF Micro 5000 Forte: 

– Glutathione Forte 5000G-F
– L-Ascorbic acid 3000mg.
– Collagen Extract 850mg.
– Vitamin E 500mg.
– Pro-Vitamin B3 300mg.
– Pro-Vitamin B5 350mg.
– Alpha Lipoic Acid 800mg.
Kojic Acid 350mg.

Benefits of Glutax 5000GF Micro 5000 Forte: 

– Brighten and whiten the skin evenly
– Speed ​​up the regeneration of new skin cells so that the skin always looks smooth and young
– Inhibits melanin By inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme As an antioxidant that is good for the body.
– Increases moisture on the skin Promotes and disguises fine wrinkles
– Cleanses and restores large pores to normal size
– Helps heal wounds
– Prevents and removes pimples
– Protects the skin from free radical


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