Glutax 70000gm Marine White Optimum Capsules


Glutax 70000gm Marine White Optimum Capsules

A Body whitening medicines packaged in sofgel form can be the right solution for those who want to have white skin without having to inject.

You can use bleach syringe body Glutax 70000gm optimum white marine Glutax consume it together with the optimal white marine 70000gm sofgel regularly and rutih for better results, better and faster course. Buy Glutax 70000gm Marine White Optimum Capsules


– Marine Glutathione S-Transferases 70000g- 
– Bio Dna Cellular Marine Complex 
– 4000mg -Marine Collagen Tri Peptide 2600mg 
– Marine Minerals Multivitamins 15000mg -DNA 
– Also Marine White Elements 3000mg 
– Marine D3 500mg 
– Hydro MINUTE Peptide ( Marine Cartilage Extract) 7200mg. Anti ageing


Rejuvenate skin
Whiten as well as brighten the skin
Improve the body’s metabolic system
Protects the skin from UV light and repair skin damage due to UV light.
Prevent as well as treat anti-oxidant pigmentation problems.


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