Hyacorp Fine 1x1ml


Hyacorp Fine 1x1ml

Hyacorp Fine 1x1ml is a hydrogel for the highly purified as well as resorbable dermal implant. It is also a disposable, injectable medical device consisting of hyaluronic acid of fermentative origin. This product is however sterile, apyrogenic, viscoelastic, hydrodispersible, non-flammable and also non-toxic. Hence, present with the same chemical, physical and biological structure in the tissues of all higher organisms.

Hyacorp Fine is thus a clear viscous gel, which comes in 1 ml syringe with LuerLock attachment.


1 ml of Hyacorp Fine contains:

Sodium hyaluronic 14.0 mg
Sodium chloride 6.9 mg
Water for injections 1.0 ml


Implanted in the medium-deep dermis with a revitalizing and moisturizing agent to increase tissue metabolism and promote bio-humoral exchanges within the dermal tissue.

  • It replaces the missing hyaluronic acid in the skin
  • Increases elasticity
  • Also improves skin hydration


– Face

– Neck

– Decolleté

– Back of the hand


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