Luminera Hydryalix Volume 3×1.25ml


Luminera Hydryalix Volume 3×1.25ml

The product is shown to increase the volume and restore the face shapes. Also perfectly complements moderate and deep wrinkles. Thus it fills, gives volume and smooths with an immediate, visible result.

  • Size of gel particles: 300-500 μm.
  • Depth of injection: subdermal and deep dermis.
  • Package contents: 3 pre-filled syringes each containing 1.25 ml each.
  • Recommended Needle Size: 25G or 27G.

Benefits of Luminera Hydryalix Volume

  • Biocompatible as well as biodegradable
  • CaHA is a natural constituent of the skeletal and tooth enamel
  • Also extensive demonstrated  clinical study
  • CaHA is a well-proven substance that has been in the fillers market for over 10 years
  • Contributes and recreates natural collagen production
  • In comparison with the equivalent product, Crystalys is softer in texture and thus easier to apply. Equal high quality but at lower price.
  • Provides a direct volume and lifting effect


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