MesoEye C71 1x1ml


MesoEye C71 1x1ml

MesoEye C71 1x1ml injection drug effectively deals with initial hernias around the eyes as well as  helps rehabilitate the skin after blepharoplasty. Many cosmetologists also use MesoEye C71 as an additional component in various hardware manipulations. This includes botulinum therapy as well as contour plastics.

Therefore best product to eliminate various defects in the eye area: puffiness, dark circles, small wrinkles, infraorbital hernias. Also  suitable for any age category.

However, this product have a truly miraculous effect in cases such as:

  1. Dark circles under the eyes
  2. Reduced skin turgor and elasticity
  3. Mimic wrinkles, “crow’s feet” around the eyes
  4. Periorbital hernia
  5. Pastos, persistent puffiness of the eyelids
  6. Lymphostasis (fluid retention) in tissues
  7. Also hanging upper eyelids
  8. Deformation, tired types of ageing
  9. Preparation for blepharoplasty, rehabilitation after the procedure
  10. Injection zones: only the area around the eyes.




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