Pluryal Volume 1ml


Pluryal Volume 1ml

It’s a transparent, sterile, injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid. So, inject Pluryal Volume into deep wrinkles to restore a smoother texture to aging skin. This can also include injection into the lips, cheeks, or chin to add volume, or into the nose as a rhinoplasty alternative. Therefore only licensed medical practitioners in accordance with local regulations should administer Pluryal Volume injections.

Package Content:

Pluryal Volume 2x1ml comes with:

  • 2-1ml prefilled syringes;
  • 4-27G ½” needles;
  • 4 traceability labels;
  • Packaging insert.

Pluryal Volume 1x1ml comes with:

  • 1-1ml prefilled syringe;
  • 2-27G ½” needles;
  • 2 traceability labels;
  • Packaging insert.

Pluryal Volume 1ml Benefits:

However a highly elastic dermal filler made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate at a concentration of 23mg/ml. This dermal filler also adds or restores volume to facial features. Thus helping reverse the effects of aging, sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and other environmental irritants. In addition, the Pluryal Volume syringe is ergonomically-designed for comfort.


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