Princess Volume 1ml


Princess Volume 1ml

Princess Volume 1ml is a highly flexible filler that increases the volume of the skin, which improves effective facial modeling. Thus, providing a natural, long-lasting, beautiful appearance without side effects. It also contains a highly cross-linked gel of hyaluronic acid. Also thanks to the Smart technology used for the production process, hyaluronic acid is repeatedly cleaned and firmly tied.

Restores the proper volume to the skin, smoothes wrinkles, used to correct:

  • deep wrinkles
  • nasolabial folds
  • modeling as well as increasing the volume of the lips, cheeks
  • and also correcting the face contour


  • One 1 ml syringe, cross-linked hyaluronic acid 23mg / ml
  • Two sterile, disposable needles

A guarantee of the highest quality, advanced technology, all ingredients selected with the utmost care, thanks to which we obtain long-lasting, natural effects.


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