Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light 1x1ml


Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light 1x1ml

Specially formulated for younger and less photo-damaged skin. Thus, gently restore the moisture balance of the skin and maintain natural moisture. Also slightly finer than the standard product Restylane, ie the hyaluronic acid particles are slightly smaller than Restylane.

The product is suitable for the treatment of thin skin and previously difficult to treat areas such as the eye area, upper lip and neck. Therefore ideal for a gentle treatment of décolleté folds and wrinkles. Best for the rejuvenation of the back of the hand, where even a small lifting effect is sufficient.

It improves the skin from the inside out and makes it look fresh and healthy. The effect of Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light usually lasts for several months and can be sustained once or twice a year through refresher treatments.

The active substance concentration of Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light is 12 mg / ml hyaluronic acid.


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