Stylage XL Lidocaine 2x1ml


Stylage XL Lidocaine 2x1ml

Intended for the correction of deep wrinkles and creation of additional volume in the cheeks, chin, cheekbones, on the hands. Suitable for solving age problems. Mannitol, which is part of it, prolongs the effect of the gel to 18 months, and 3% lidocaine helps to make the procedure painless and less traumatic.

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid IPN-like + mannitol

Stylage XL Lidocaine 2x1ml CONCENTRATION:

  • 24 mg / g


Each box contains a 1 ml latex-free glass syringe with STYLAGE XL Lidocaine, sterilized with moisture autoclaving heat, and 4 sterile disposable needles and 27G1 / 2 needles.

Long term toxicity:

-12 months


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