Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep 2×1.2ml


Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep 2×1.2ml

Specially designed implant for the treatment of areas requiring volume increase, shaping the face oval, in particular cheekbones, cheeks. Restores the correct volume and contour of the face. It is also ideal for the correction of deep wrinkles in thick skin, correction of skin folds as well as gentle eyelid drooping. The effects are immediate and last very long, up to 16 months.

Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep 2×1.2ml Effects:

  • Fills deep furrows and wrinkles.
  • Aims at correcting skin folds.
  • Restores the lost volume.
  • Emphasizes cheekbones.
  • It shapes the face oval.


  • Two syringes containing 1.2 ml of the preparation.
  • Sterile, disposable 23G needles.

Injection technique:

A linear technique should be used, slowly leaving the deposit in the deep layer of subcutaneous tissue.


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