Yvoire Volume S 1ml


Yvoire Volume S 1ml

An injectable preparation based on high molecular weight stabilized hyaluronic acid. Also of a non-animal origin, intended to correct a deficiency in the volume of soft tissues of the face and body of moderate and significant severity.

It’s inserted subdermally


  • Sodium hyaluronate – 22 mg / ml and Phosphate buffer (pH 7.1) – up to 1 ml.


  • Correction of folds III-IV severity.
  • Correction of deep wrinkles marionettes.
  • Restoration of cheeks, cheekbones, temporal areas, chin, earlobe.
  • Also corrects lip volume and contour.
  • Correction of the face contour (contour of the lower jaw).
  • Forehead augmentation.
  • Volumetric contour plastic arms.

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